The bond between caregiver and child is one of the most influential factors affecting our children's emotional state, self worth and engagement in risky choices. In poorer communities all over the world there is a higher presence of emotional and physical abuse of children, alcoholism, as well as mental illness as caregivers experience relentless stressors without family or community support. Many want to raise their children well, but feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start. The daily goal is survival, and under that stress the nurturing of children can take a back seat. 

In April, Sepheo commenced an intense mentoring program for caregivers to provide them with personal support and encouragement and to teach them positive parenting techniques to improve the care of their children. Starting with the caregivers of Sepheo's students, parents will form their own networks of caregivers that will meet regularly to learn and support one another in child-raising. They have access to our dedicated social worker and receive regular home visits as we seek to transform homes into more peaceful, safe and emotionally nourishing places for all members of the family.