This month we kick off a new program to help Lesotho's girls! Typically in Lesotho, when a family unit has broken down, the reactions of extended relatives to boys and girls differ. Girls are more likely to be taken to live with other family members, as they can help with household tasks and the care of small children, or are sent to find work in other homes in order to bring in income. While this means fewer girls on the streets, it is sadly all too common to see girls' usefulness taking priority over their care. Young girls are kept out of school to watch their cousins and clean houses to the detriment of their own development and economic future. Yet their disadvantage is hidden. 

Sepheo, with the support of Catholic Relief Services and USAID, is setting up a play group for young girls in this situation; a place they can come with the children in their care to receive training, personal support and assistance with planning their future. The girls will be mentored and linked with other services and opportunities, and will receive a basic qualification to improve the standard of their employment and pay. And they will be loved.

We look forward to sharing more about this special place Sepheo is creating just for them!